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Arnold Palmer

(Hall of Fame)

“We have admired your artistic talents since we first saw your work.”

Jack Nicklaus

(Hall of Fame)

“Reflection is a scene that I will cherish forever.”

Tim Finchem

(PGA Tour, Commissioner)

“Scott has a marvelous way of capturing the essence of some of the game's greatest players and moments. His work brings out the drama and beauty of our sport in a very unique way.”

Gene Sarazen

(Hall of Fame)

“Scott Medlock's portrait of 'the shot heard around the world' from the 1935 Masters is still being celebrated as a moment in Golf History.  Imagine that!”

Byron Nelson

(Hall of Fame)

“I am very proud of Scott's beautiful painting commemorating my first Masters victory.”

Corey Pavin

(PGA Tour, player)

“Scott's paintings always capture me during key moments in a tournament. He really captures my intensity and focus like nothing I've ever seen before.”

Julia Ruth

(Babe Ruth's Daughter)

“After seeing the warmth and color that Mr. Medlock brings out in this painting of my father... I have a new appreciation of this very emotional moment.”  (on 'Babe Ruth-Farewell')

Rich Gannon

(Oakland Raiders, NFL MVP)

“Thank you for taking the time to paint the portrait you did for me...it's awesome!”

Dr. Bob Rotella

(Author/Sports Psychologist)

“What Tiger Woods is to the modern era of professional golf, Scott Medlock is to modern art.”

Tom Lehman

(PGA Tour, player)

“We are proud of the painting Scott created for our corporate branding—it really sets us apart from the competition and captures the essence of our partnership and working relationship.”

Al Michaels

(ABC Sports)

“Tiger Woods is like a piece of fine art that belongs in the Louvre, and so, too, is Scott Medlock's painting of Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia...a true masterpiece!”

Peter Kessler

(The Golf Channel)

“Thank you, Scott, for making this golf nut so happy—golf prints, old black and white photos, and great golf books are my hot buttons and you certainly pressed one.”

Jim Hill

(CBS Sports, Director)

“Scott Medlock is the 'Top Gun' of sports artists. He truly is the best of the best.”

Ollie J. Nutt

(AT&T Pebble Beach

Nat. Pro-Am, Executive V.P.)

“We have long admired Scott's work. He loves Pebble Beach and it shows. We are proud to have featured him on the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am cover...twice.”

Robby Krieger


“Scott Medlock. Some say he's a genius, some say he's a fool. I say he's the Jim Morrison of sports art, and proud to say, one of my closest friends.”

Leo P. McCullagh

(PGA TOUR, Vice President)

“We are delighted to welcome Scott Medlock into the PGA TOUR's fine art licensed program. His talents have been acclaimed by several members of the PGA TOUR and his contributions through the world of art will continue to enhance the history of our game for years to come in a most visual sense. We are proud that Scott Medlock Fine Arts reflects the same standards of quality and excellence that are synonymous with the PGA TOUR.”

Doug Vaughan

Pepsi-Cola Company

“Scott's artistic talents reflect his commitment to excellence. His work is always a huge hit with Pepsi-Cola Company.”

Andy Brumer

LINKS Magazine, Writer

“Medlock's mesmerizing attention to detail is matched only by his tremendous understanding of athletic movement itself, a kind of insight that frees the essence of well-known athletes in motion and lets them live forever within the frames of his work.”

Dr. Christopher Kraft, Jr.


“The portrait Scott did for the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement was very well done and I enjoy it immensely.”

Ron F. Wagley

Transamerica Occidental Life

 Insurance Company, President

“Scott Medlock's artwork has been a big hit with our nationwide sales force. Scott's work is a refreshing change that is distinctive and has increasing value over time. His work hangs in my office and always draws attention and many favorable reactions and comments.”

Bob Lilly

Dallas Cowboys, NFL

Hall of Fame

“Scott has to be one of the most talented artists I've ever seen. He really captures his subjects in a unique way. He is extremely generous as well. How many artists are willing to donate some of their best works to charity? The Texas Sports Hall of Fame has benefited greatly from Medlock's donated paintings, which are the cornerstones of our auction!”

Lance Barrow

CBS Sports, Executive Producer

“Scott puts a different spin on his golf paintings than any other artist. He really brings out the emotion and the tension in a golf moment or in whatever he is capturing. You can feel the excitement, you can feel the tension, you can feel the emotion in his work.”

Jim Colbert

PGA Champions Tour

“I am thrilled; I am excited; I am so flattered! Your portrait of me in the Colbert Hills Golf Course setting was by far the most popular item at the Grand Opening ceremonies, which included Commissioner Tim Finchem, United States Golf Association, Lee Trevino, Ray Floyd, and Annika Sorenstam. I have purchased a large number of the prints for myself and my family.”

Dave Zuchowski

Lincoln Mercury, National Merchandising Manager

“Lincoln Mercury was thrilled with the experience we had working with Scott Medlock on his ‘Reflection’ project. We utilized the Jack Nicklaus portrait as a sales incentive for our top-performing retailers and it was exceptionally well received. Besides his obvious artistic talents, Scott's enthusiasm and willingness to work with our organization to market the event and fully leverage his existing relationship with Jack was the key to our success.”

Duke Potts


“Scott Medlock's phenomenal artwork that was part of the 5th Annual Children's Holiday Golf Classic held at Sherwood Country club was in one word 'breathtaking.' ”

Eric Veilleux

The Bear's Club, Golf Professional

“Scott's talent as an artist certainly shows in ‘Reflection.’  It is on display at The Bear's Club and we receive numerous compliments on how the painting captures such a memorable moment at Pebble Beach.”

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