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Scott Medlock is one of America's foremost artists. His work is becoming legendary in the world of art, particularly through his fine art reproductions. Although recently he has concentrated on the world of golf, his past successes include abstract painting, children's book illustrations, magazine covers and paintings for major advertising campaigns. He was commissioned to be one of the official artists for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Medlock has created and "sold out" numerous limited edition reproductions.

His paintings involve what historians refer to as the "psychological moment," the inner world of a golfer setting up an important putt, the one-on-one competitiveness of Bill Russel and Wilt Chamberlin, the emotionally charged environment of Yankee Stadium as Babe Ruth bids farewell to his fans. Medlock's keen sense of observation draws him to the subtle rather than the obvious.

He is widely acclaimed for his unique ability to express an emotion by capturing a moment in time. His paintings give the viewer much more than the pleasures of the visual world. His work stimulates all the senses. Though Medlock may portray figures in action, fundamentally he communicates the experience itself. And this is the genius of Medlock. Scott bridges the categories of illustration and fine art to create works of topical interest and enduring value.

Medlock's enormous talent surfaced early, graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, at age 22.  In a remarkably short period of time he has received awards of excellence from:

  1. New York Society of Illustrators

•  Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles

•  European Illustrators Society

•  Children’s Book Illustrator of the Year

  1. American Bookseller

  2. Pick of the List Award for outstanding  illustration in a children's book (two-time winner)

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